Funko HQ in Everett Is A Wonderful Local Treasure

Like A Big Dumb Kid In a Cartoon Statue Store...

October 25, 2018

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I love a place that makes people smile like children regardless of their age.

I am hard pressed to think of a spot that does this more than the Funko HQ in Everett. Funko is a collectibles store, pretty simple and straight forward until you walk through the door and feel like you've stepped into a universe based in magic. It's full of rooms designed themeatically from Hoth to Hogwarts, Gotham to Godzilla.

If you're ever worried about losing that spark of childhood that escapes from us like helium from a balloon - sure you're still there, but you don't feel like you could float away if left to it - take an hour to wander through Funko!

The statues are massive (Gregr for scale) but they're stationed all over the joint - check these out!

What our studio looks like while recording Our Dumb Podcast or ice planet Hoth?

Around the corner from a massive battle...

It must be pretty humbling to be made into a Funko statue

My coworker Alyssa would spend all her money in this room...

Look at these two!

And because we need to stoke our imagination and not just let the pros do it, take time to make your own figurine and weird or pretty as your mind can imagine!

Of everything there, this guy is my very favorite. Also, he looks like he might play nalargon in Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

The fomula for buying Funko Pop! figures is pretty simple - they're ten bucks! So, you can see how much I spent to assemble my new squad!

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