We Use A Pie To Describe Pi on Pi Day!

This will both test your resolve and make you smarter!

March 14, 2019

Today is Pi Day in America - but why?

  1. Any chance to eat pie is the best. 
  2. March 14th is abbreviated here to 3.14 and 3.14 is the rounded representation of the mathematical constant for calculating the circumference of a circle: π.


Let's say you have 1 marionberry pie - measure across the pie for diameter.  Next, trace your finger the distance around the outside of the crust for circumference. It takes 3.14 times the diameter to complete the circle.

No matter how big or small the pie may be, it's still always 3.14 times the diameter to find the circumference - it's a constant!

Now, today is also the day where we intentionally confuse the Greek symbol π with the delicious fruit or chocolate or savory filled baked pie. Frankly, that’s fine by me. A math holiday that has gotten to the point where Costco on Monday already had racks of pie waiting with an advertisement for Pi Day! Nice.

Now if you’re in England or pretty much anywhere outside of America where they write their dates in a different format with the day coming before the month before the year, then today is 14.3 and it’s obviously not gonna work. No pie for you, English jerks! You’ll have to wait until July 22, or as they write it: 22/7. This ration is another (more accurate) way of calculating the irrational constant for π!

Ok, one week until spring and some cute little tulips poking out their bright tasty heads.