Welcome to the PNW, Seattle Kraken

The sports landscape in Seattle just got cooler!

July 23, 2020
Seattle Kracken

Seattle Kracken


The 32nd NHL franchise has come to life. Welcome to the Puget Sound, the Seattle Kraken ! A logo dressed in blues dark and light with a hint of red, their style fits right in at the Seattle Center.

Sweet logo!

Seattle Kracken S logo

Seattle Kraken

A rendering of what they anticipate Climate Pledge Arena looking like during a hockey game.

Seattle Kraken at Climate Pledge Arena

In reality the team at NHL Seattle have been hard at work for years making this effort come together and only now can we judge them online for not picking the name we think is obviously way cooler (without doing any research and just because someone on Reddit had a "better" idea.)

Look, I wanted it to be the Wampas after my buddy Sean put that idea in my head a decade ago, but what we have is a team with a rabid fan base that until a few moments ago didn't even have a name.

With 32,000 deposits, it might be a little tricky to get tickets to the hottest game on ice.

Just over a year to go until puck hits ice for official play at Climate Pledge Arena!

Get your gear!

The Seattle Kraken will donate 100% of net sale proceeds through August 21 from a bespoke line of merchandise to local nonprofits YouthCare, Community Passageways, and the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, to help end youth homelessness and create positive pathways and opportunities for BIPOC youth in our region. Fans can visit releasethekrakenstore.com to purchase ‘Release the Kraken’ merchandise.