Wendy's Rolled Out a New Frosty Flavor...

It's not the one I wished for, but I'm still pumped.

November 19, 2019

gettyimages // Eugene Gologursky // Stringer


Who knew that the Wendy's Frosty turned 50 this year? Wendy's I suppose... Happy birthday to the square-burger chain and its original-menu item!

The Frosty: It's one of the few things that has remained a staple on the menu of the fast-food powerhouse since 1969. Nice. For five decades we've been able to give ourselves debilitating brain freezes on just the two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. I'm not even sure I knew that they served vanilla bc I think I've literally only ever had a chocolate Frosty.

The fast-food restaurant with everyone's favorite Twitter troublemakers are gonna celebrate with birthday cake flavored Frosty's for a limited time. 

While I was hoping for Strawberry, I'm not mad at it, either. HMU if you try this beast.