What An Awesome Etta James Cover by a Seattle Duo

Ayron Jones and Naomi Wachira team up.

October 28, 2016
Ayron Jones + Naomi Wachira

photo by Ken Lapworth


Ayron Jones can usually be found shredding on an awesome Fender guitar, but he's put the spotlight on Seattle singer Naomi Wachira to cover an old classic, Etta James "I'd Rather Go Blind". It's delicate, laid back, and simply lovely.

Over the summer, Locals Only Kris Orlowski shot a music video for "Walking in My Sleep" featuring a ton of local Seattle weirdos, but also some beautiful musicians. That's when I first came across Naomi who had that look in her eyes of a power musician.

Watch Kris Orlowski's video for "Walking in My Sleep" and see a featured Gregr looking like a psycho.

It's cool to see a guy like Ayron who turns heads at every show he plays with his soulful fingers strangling the neck of his guitar get out of the way, turn some knobs, and produce such a beautiful cover. Jones shows he's got more than just what you see on stage.

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