What's up with International Drone Day?

They're taking over Marymoor Park!

May 3, 2016
This is what $800 will get you (minus the 4k camera!)

by Gregr

This weekend, the world celebrates one of those strange holidays that some guy with a calendar probably made up while grinding away on World of Warcraft, and I’m not talking about Pilates Day, National Roast Leg of Lamb Day, or even Free Comic Book Day (a real thing that also happens on Saturday).

I’m talking about International Drone Day.

As we came walking back from the lighthouse at Discovery Park on Sunday, a heard a strained sound like a weed whacker trying to get through the gnarly stuff you’re not supposed to whack. Why would anyone’s weeds be getting whacked on a Sunday morning along a beach? I should have known better. That noise showered down from above was generated by the four engines of a quad-copter drone!

I honestly can’t remember the first drone footage I saw on YouTube, but I know for a fact the first thing that told me more of the story came from an ugly protest in the middle east. Now, drones are filming everything and not everyone is stoked about it.

There are some base fears that it’s gonna watch me through my window while I’m tending to my garden (if you know what I mean), and thanks to creeps throughout time, that’s a relevant concern. BUT, really, it’s like being worried about amateur space telescopes being used to look at boobs from a building or two over (see KISW studio).

Valid fears, I get it, but to offset that concern, see how they’re being used to capture awesome footage of the 99 tunneling project:

Seattle will celebrate International Drone Day on Saturday. On your way to Taco Truck Challenge (doors at 11, don’t be late!), check out this rad event at Marymoor park that is all things drones!

Graham Laing and Andrew St Pierre run Volair Media and are the two awesome dudes throwing it. They utilize drone footage to further enrich coverage for video projects. Drones have a unique way of flying places where you would otherwise need a helicopter and a pilot to fly your camera operator. With a drone, someone who loves playing Halo can put their two-stick master skills to good use and capture what previously could easily have been too pricey.

They’ll demo the newest drone craze - FPV drones. It's a remote-controlled, light-weight flying machine with a camera mounted on board. Strap on your virtual reality goggles for a fully emersive flying experience at up to 80 mph! You may remember this nutty video from a couple months ago where the Drone Racing League held a private, closed-door competition through the stands and concourse at Miami’s Sunlife Stadium:

If Matthew Bellamy from Muse is into it, I'm that much more stoked - I mean, he has an album called Drones. Clever title or preemptive marketing?!?!?

Here, supplement with more footage from the New York Times, and listen below to hear Graham and Andrew talk about drones from an upcoming piece I'm working on.