When Black Friday Sucks, Here's a List of Other Stuff To Do!

Do Stuff!

November 19, 2018

by Gregr


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I think Black Friday sucks. I know a great deal is hard to pass up, but pitting people against eachother and watching them fight like kimodo dragons over a deer carcus just so we can have a merry Christmas feels gross. I'd rather watch kimodo dragons fight over a dear carcus - or even better a street parking space outside Seattle's Paramount theater shaking their dragon hands at eachother while laying on the horn tongue slithering. 

I digress.

Assuming you're lucky enough to have Friday off, here's a starter list of some things you can do that don't involve removing all the good intentions of a made up holiday in the name of saving some money on crap no one "needs":

1. Check out a Museum (of Flight)
My awesome father-in-law lands Friday morning for a quick weekend visit. I can't wait to take him - we're both nerds for this stuff. They have the cousin of the SR-71 there, a Blue Angel, an Air Force 1, plus a zillion other space and earth planes.

2. Go Hike!
Wallace Falls is easy enough. Do it. Check out  Washington Trails Association for more. I wanna do the Lake Serene hike, but I think 8 miles is too much for carrying 25lbs of smiling baby on my back.

3. Drive to the Beach
It's hard to deny the insane beauty of a Washington beach. Short drives to Alki, Carkeek, or Meadowdale or longer drives to the ocean or Deception Pass have you crunching along the pebbles of the northwest!

by Gregr

4. Park It!
Go to one of our beautiful parks. Discovery Park, the Japanese Garden, Magnusson Park for the off-leash area.

5. Sloth mode
Go full sloth mode. Crank up the tryptofan. Get caught up on a show you missed. Eat the rest of the pumpkin pie. Take three naps. Sample many seasonal beers. Or, do your best cat impression and move between warm comfy places all day while swashbuckling through a good book solving mysteries or unlocking the secrets of the Cold War. I'm currently reading A Darker Shade of Magic.

Bonus: Save Your Money For Saturday
Save your money from Black Friday, and instead put it back into our community for Small Business Saturday. I did this a couple of years ago and had the best little day. We bought so many silly socks for my family that hosted us for Christmas a few weeks later, drank coffee, bought records, drank beers/ciders, and adventured around Seattle.

I said "Move Over, Black Friday", support your neighbors with Small Business Saturday.

Remember, Black Friday is the day to tip extra handsomely and bring along a little extra patience for the fine humans working while we run around like jerks.

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