When will Seattle have rain again, and when will all this smoke go away?

We just broke a record!

August 8, 2017

by Gregr


Seattle just tied a record for consecutive days without any measurable rain - just ask your dead lawn #RIP.

Congratulations, you're living in an era of broken records! Last time it was this dry, color TV was being tested for the first time. The record is like grandparents old, only without the wrinkly naughty parts.

After a particularly squishy wet winter, it has felt pretty good to just have a bunch of sunshine and sunburns and stuff, but one look at the weather and it feels like this could drag on for a minute.

This is a "Jedi vs. Sith" contrast to around February when we had 45 straight days of rain. While I feel like I miss the rain, I'm sure once it starts back up again it will feel like autumn is knocking on the door. Then we welcome the rush of holidays and a race to the end of the year before settling into three months of bleak grayness contrasting the evergreens. Wow, judging on how nice that sounds, I might be more Sith than Jedi...

Good news for those of us dried up like sponges, by next week some rain could get here and hopefully shoo this stupid smoke out of here. I don't blame Canada... I blame Lost and it's stupid smoke monster.

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