Where do wizards come from?

Sleep Train's Pajama Bowl for foster kids, duh.

April 28, 2016
Bowling Pin Friends

by Gregr


Other than some scary cave atop of cloudy, drizzly mountain, I don’t know where wizards come from. No one does. When it comes to bowling pin wizards and penguins, one must look no further than Pajama Bowl!

One of the most fun parts of every spring involves a bunch of radio nerds getting together to go bowling and raise money for foster kids! Sleep Train’s Pajama Bowl put my lack of skills in the lane to the test. Somehow, my semi-annual adventure to the Techcity Bowl in Kirkland proved a winner!

Pajama Bowl
by Gregr

You’ll hear me yapping about #spacebed on the radio each week thanks to a rad partnership with a bunch of fun folks at Sleep Train. They’re not just selling mattresses. Their commitment to the local community makes them more than just a bed business. The staff at Sleep Train sink a ton of productivity hours into taking care of foster kids, and Pajama Bowl is an event all about raising some extra funds… all while wearing pj’s!

Team The End*

by Sleep Train

There were no fewer than four of us on two teams (The End + KISW plus friends from Hot and The Wolf) that had visited the pajama section of Target the day before to grab some Star Wars PJ apparel! See Migs’ photo for an example of the BB-8 pants that were awesome but not unique!

The End and KISW bowling teams unite!
by Steve Migs Phone

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated money, or took the time to read this far! For two of those things, you're helping some foster kids in the greater Seattle area!

*Please pardon those Tottenham Hotspurs pj’s… ugh, Brian!