Why It's the Biggest March to the Match Ever!

Let's win this thing from the time we wake up on Sunday

November 6, 2019
Smoke Bomb at the March to the Match

Imagine this only with the 69,000+ people headed to the match and a championship title on the line:

March to the match #sounders

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I've spent 11 seasons attending Sounders FC matches most of which were accompanied by beers with my pals at a local bar or at Kool Keith's place. At least once a season I try to get down to Pioneer Square to snag a cheesesteak from Tat's and then hoof it in with the rest of the mob trekking the third of a mile to CenturyLink Field. While it's an experience not necessarily unique to Seattle, we make it our own by chanting, singing, and making our way through our city to our stadium. 

When Seattle hosts the MLS Cup, the third battle between Sounders FC and Toronto FC but the first at home, this hype is only going to intensify. If we band together, we can be the voice inside the heads of Toronto. That starts at the march. Let's do this together.

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We'll be at the March to the Match which departs Occidental Square at 10:45a on Sunday. I'm gonna post up at the north end of the park at 10:30a. Come say hi and let's march together! Plus, I'm bringing buttons!