YES! Soccer Is Back and the Format is Incredible!

Like a bonus World Cup only for clubs not nations

June 10, 2020
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by Gregr

While most major sports are having a tough time figuring out how to get it done, Major League Soccer is like "screw your families, we're playing sports!" That's not an actual quote, but what it feels like to hear that teams will disembark for up to 6 weeks to play sports in a coronavirus crazy world. We heard rumors (and repeted them) that there could be a big summer tournament to help get things moving.

Then, I got to thinking, if they do it right, we could have a FIFA World Cup style tournament (sadly with way less coruption) in a non-World Cup year. Holy crap!!

Introducing the MLS is Back Tournament.

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On July 8, teams will begin group stage play with matches counting towards your regular season record (whatever that means). After 16 days of tournament play with 3-ish MLS matches per day, the top two teams from each group will advance to a knock-out Round-of-16 and then whittle away until there are only two teams remaining. 23 person squads with 5 subs per match. Oh, and over a million dollars in prize money.

Also, no fans.

THIS IS BADASS - except for the name, the name is awful, but my excitement for soccer, to borrow a term from Roger Bennet of Men in Blazers podcast, is full on nipple tingling!

Go here for the full "I'm a professional and take the details seriously" post about the tournament from my beloved Seattle Sounders FC.

I can't wait to podcast about this!

Important stuff per Sounders FC:


June 24: Teams begin arriving in Florida 
July 8: MLS is Back Tournament group stage begins
July 25-28: Round-of-16
July 30- Aug. 1: Quarterfinals
August 5-6: Semifinals
August 11: MLS is Back Tournament Final

MLS IS BACK TOURNAMENT – July 8 – August 11

Number of Matches:   54 (39 group; 15 knockout)
No. of matchdays:      26
Format:                       Group Stage, followed by Round-of-16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals & Championship match
Minimum Matches:     3 (per club)
Maximum Matches:    7 (per club)