You Can Learn to Lightsaber Fight in Seattle!

Be on the lookout this weekend!

December 14, 2017

provided by Jet City Lightsaber Guild


In the midst of the hype of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I talked to a couple cool kids that run the Jet City Lightsaber Guild at the Seattle Temple. So for #TBT, and the huge debut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I wanted to go back and listen to this again. It was a couple years ago this started and they're stronger in number than ever!

061 - Jet City Saber Guild

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Adrienne and Matt started the officially recognized Seattle Temple of Saber Guild International. What? They're performers who combat one another on stage using brilliant lightsabers. These aren't telescoping plastic toys that I buy for my pals so we can torment each other. No. Instead, they are polycarbonate blades with aluminum hilts (handles) used to smack the crap out of one another in lightsaber combat.

I should point out that they don't actually hurt other performers, but when the blades meet, sparks fly! 

They're a non-profit group working on donations which means you can come check it out and get a taste without over-committing! It sounds like a ton of fun especially for those of us who love getting on a stage to perform.

We mentioned a ton of names of Seattle people that are making these sabers and driving the force of this guild:

Shaye Whitmer: local Seattleite and Jet City Temple member who is an independent saber builder and helps fix our sabers when they break.
Scott "Naigon" DeBoer: local Seattleite who owns Naigon's Electronic Creations. He creates and installs saber soundboards. His soundboards are often found in Saberforge lightsabers.
Daniel Lane: One of the owners of Saberforge, which is a popular lightsaber manufacturer based in the Portland, OR area. 

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