This is your chance to buy a T-Rex skeleton

It's expected to fetch 6-8 million dollars.

September 21, 2020
Stan the T-Rex Skeleton

Spencer Platt // gettyimages


It's about time you upped your art collecting game with the Christie's auction of this massive Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Originally discovered in the late 1980's by a dude called Stan Sacrison, an amateur paleontologist, this is the world fifth most complete T-Rex skeleton dug from the hills of one of the Dakotas (I honestly don't care which.) If you want someone who actually knows things, Smithsonian Magazine did a lovely job.

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The bones have been on display again in one of those Dakotas, but will now become available to a wealthy weirdo to add to his or her own collection - hopefully in a museum. There's a home on Lake Washington outside Seattle that houses another massive tyrannosaur seen from the zillion dollar window-scape, maybe you can compete to be like that?!

Christie's expects the skeleton to sell for between six and eight million dollars! Better get that crowd funding campaign in high gear, you only. have until October 6, 2020.

Imagine if you could carefully place the $6 million Cobain guitar in his tiny little T-Rex arms! Or, just in time for Halloween, we could have Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters add some servos and motors to it and creat a ghoulish animated super-skeleton!