You're Good At Drawing: Giraffadactyl

I asked for drawings of a Giraffadactyl and you delivered!

April 5, 2017
Rawr a wild Giraffadactyl

by Saffi


When I got married last summer, no one changed their name, but now it's time.

We were laughing about potential last names we could both change to because we do things the way we want. Amongst a sea of silly ideas that combine both our surnames, I started being a jackass and suggesting things I think sound awesome. My old radio name was Greg Rampage USA... why not Rampage? Mr. and Mrs. Rampage? AWESOME! Also in contention, Pterodactyl, but it sounded a bit too pretentious for my wife. Fair. Because I can't let it go, my next suggestion: Giraffadactyl? 

Greg Thomas Giraffadactyl.

Let that sink in, because it's pretty damn epic.

Why I'm glad I waited to get married

What the heck is a giraffadactyl anyway? The internet did not have a problem showing me!

Manley made this handsome devil:

And while some look like they were done by a six year old, this one actually was!

Which is your favorite?

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