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But the Sounders FC need to do ANYTHING

April 1, 2016
Idiots talking nonsense

by Gregr

Bumped from the CONCACAF Champions League and with three losses, the Sounders FC are off to their worst start in their MLS history. There, we've got that out of the way. The weird part of the beginning of this season is that none of the performances have been masterclasses in how to play soccer badly. Sure there's this new AYSO 4-3-3 formation that Sigi insists on sticking with (perhaps he's moonlighting coaching his grand kid's team?), but the team hasn't looked awful. 

Sigi knows the heat is on - the team needs results, but, at least most of the week, the fuming ravenous calls to sack a manager were directed at some other german guy called Jurgen (coach of the US Men's National Team). Dempsey is coming off a radical showing and smashing goal for his country and let's hope for all of us that the momentum continues. You've gotta think that the outlook of finally having a game in Seattle without the soaked converse, frozen sausage finger hands, and general Seattle-y-ness will be a big boost for a squad that needs a pick me up more than anyone just leaving Batman v Superman.

EDIT: This is where I wrote the rest of the blog before an undo took me 30 minutes into the past with no save bc that doesn't exist. End rant.

This year hasn't started well:

MLS Table after week 4

See how Montreal is at the top of the Eastern Conference (maybe not since images don't load the correct size anymore), and the Sounders FC are bottom on the right side there in green? Yeah, that's bad. That red circle is to point out how SSFC have yet to take away any points #geiger.

The Godzilla of Montreal isn't coming to play this weekend - I'm not calling him Godzilla bc he's a radiation monster made from math, rather Didier Drogba plays when he wants usually to the benefit of Montreal in the end - I guess, technically, he's more like a giant kitty - fierce but on his own terms. He's a hulking, strong presence that scores goals, but his weakness is artificial turf. Drogba's got more striking success than just about anyone in the MLS, but he's not playing so... lol.

Sounders FC MUST TAKE AWAY POINTS THIS WEEKEND. The season is so young, but for a club playing decent soccer, it could be the spark that gets a bit of success building. Also, Montreal travels from just about the longest distance in the league to get here - it doesn't seem like much, but these players are creatures of habit and that will be a disruption.

Huge props to the women of the USWNT for pressing US Soccer on equal treatment in FEDERAL COURT! You're champions and deserve better!

Full 90: SEAvMTL

Full 90: SEAvMTL