Zoo + Snow = Snow Day!

The Oregon Zoo sure looks magical in the snow

January 12, 2017
Oregon Zoo Otter in the Snow

provided by Oregon Zoo


Watching an otter beg for and eat shrimp made my day a 10/10 before the sun even came up. So what happens when our neighbors to the south at the Oregon Zoo get buried in snow and the zoo closes for the day? What happens when it's only the employees that can make it in to feed the animals?

Typically we miss out on some pure joy from furballs that miss their natural winter habitats, but thanks to one photographer and a pair of skis, we get to enjoy some beautiful scenes from a winter wonderland.

I love when we get an animal video without any music in it. Just creatures in a quiet environment enjoying the crap out of some snow! If you would prefer some fun music to pep things up a bit, they have that version, too!

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