Grouplove Acoustic Set @ Triple Door 09.10.13

September 11, 2013

While guests at the Triple Door sit in their booths clanking forks noisily onto their plates of Pad Thai and Fragrant Duck, singer Christian Zucconi quietly walks onto the dark stage and begins to play the piano lit only by a small lamp.  One by one the remaining members of the band come out.&n bsp; I'm waiting for an explosion of energy to happen as it always has with them right off the bat but it doesn't.  The hype about the two shows this week appear to be legit.  Tuesday night at the Crocodile was to be an electric set filled with the usual Grouplove zaniness we'v e all grown to know and love and Wednesday at the Triple Door is the more subdued, acoustic set.

I was really impressed.  Christian and Hannah both showed tremendous restraint in their vocals.  Often when I've seen them in the past they do a lot of shouting as their energy level seems to overtake their desire to watch their pitch.  Last night they really sang.  It certainly helped that this show was at the Triple Door where the acoustics are about as good as it gets in Seattle.  I had no idea they had such range vocally.  They brought me up, they brought me down with lamps flickering, the mood was obviously intentional and I absolutely loved it.  Hannah even commented this was the most mellow she had been on stage.  She did break out of the routine every now again when it was clear she simply couldn't help but dance.  The fans did not seem to mind, I know I didn't. 

Drummer Ryan Rabin had his kit at the front of stage right so we could all see him doing what he does best.  Normally he is a mad man with the sticks with his tongue sticking out and beating the crap out of his drums.  Last night I saw a different Ryan.  His moves were totally controlled.  It was like watching an entirely different band.  Sean Gadd and Andrew Wessen were also great to watch and listen to.  I love "crazy" Grouplove (that could sound weird if taken out of context) but I love this version of Grouplove too!  It was an all around good show in my opinion.

We were told that fans that attended both shows witnessed for the first time all of the songs off their new album live for the first time.  The album 'Spreading Rumours' is out on 9/17.  You can pre-order it HERE

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