Hot Chip @ The Paramount 09.14.12

September 14, 2012

Strolling in slightly late to Hot Chip at the Paramount, it was tough not to be caught off guard and impressed by the level of "live" the boys take it to. In an age where electronic acts are more than excepted as one or two guys behind a laptop pushing play on a preconstructed set, HC do w uite the opposite. Packing a 7 man band armed with an array of synths, live drums, steal drums, and a rotation of guitar and bass, all sounds were created live on stage directly in front of you, and if they couldn't do that, then they simply didn't (a bit crushing for my favorite synth line in "How Do You Do It".)

Packing a set that leaned fairly heavy on their exquisite new album, "In Our Heads", The Paramount floor was a ball of sweat and alcohol, which though while a fun and dance filled combination, lead to an unusual amount of shit-show crowd watching to commence. Which, while we're on the subject, lets talk about a little thing called concert etiquette. Just because the song is slow, or you don't know it, DOESN'T GIVE YOU FREE LICENSE to just stand there and shout to your friend about the day you had. If you're going to do that, just go stand in the back. Because while you might not give a shit, it absolutely destroys the experience for people around you, and not to mention it's just fucking rude to the artist who you are clearly close enough to be seen by. (Additionally if someone asks you politely to "please be quiet" and you get in their face about how you can do what you want and you're just gonna talk louder now, you're just a total douche")

Singer Alexis Taylor caught me be surprise looking unusually short, though others around me argued it was due to his oversized clothing (rocking a large untucked striped shirt, and oversized glass, he looked a bit like a little boy in pajamas at times, particularly when holding the giant Gibson Firebird in his arms). The set spanned just over an hour 15 and featured some of the best segues, jams, and organic transitions i've seen come through in a long while. Stopping only to thank the crowd and taking a brief break before encoring, the set was constantly propelled forward, in no small part thanks to Al Doyle who may have looked familiar if you saw LCD Soundsystem on their last tour (he filled in while their bassist was out taking care of a fresh little one). Perhaps in fact my only complaint came after the music had ended and a quick gander at the set list revealed an inexcusable omission. There, at the bottom of the list, in parenthesis and remaining unplayed, "Let Me Be Him", the best and most unexpected song off the new record sat like a crushing blow imagining what might have been. Did they not like us enough to give us the full 90? I dunno, but we did get something called "Crab Crab Dinner" which I was told by multiple people was "Life changing". So, I guess there's always that. Till next time...