Imagine Dragons 02.11.14 @ KeyArena

February 12, 2014

Though Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme expressed his feelings about Imagine Dragons on stage earlier this week with the eloquent statement  "F--K Imagine Dragons" in what sounds to be a bitter tirade about getting cut off early during their Grammy performance, I can't help but disagree in the strongest possible way with the sentiment.  Imagine Dragons put on a seriously bad-ass show at KeyArena Tuesday night in Seattle.  13,000 plus fans packed the arena and it seemed to me that Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman made it their mission to connect with each and every person there.  The band burst with energy on the stage with singer Dan Reynolds running to the front of the stage and side to side non stop.  I' ;ve been so amazed by the speed in which Imagine Dragons have risen from playing clubs to filling arenas.  Seeing them live explained it.  This is not a one-hit-wonder band.  These guys are the real deal.  If you were at the show, you know what I mean.  If you missed it, I've put a handful of photos from the show below for your viewing pleasure.

-Mat Hayward
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X Ambassadors started the night promptly at 7pm.  Singer Sam Harris impressed me right off the bat with his dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals.  Not to mention his prowess beating the drums and playing the sax.  The entire band was in sync and this was a brilliant choice in my opinion for a performance to start the night. 

Naked and Famous!  The last time I saw them was in April of 2011 when they played a very intimate EndSession at the Hard Rock Cafe (Linked Here).  I almost didn't recognize them.  Don't get me wrong, they were awesome back then but this is something entirely different.  Naked and Famous have evolved into a high caliber, headliner level band that quite simply blew my mind.  Eerie lights with lots of fog had gave the stage an XX feel.  Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith have clear chemistry on stage in which they seemlessly transitioned from song to song with grace.  This was a great performance.  I can't wait to see them again at Sasquatch this May. 

On to the main event.  I was fortunate to get to meet the band briefly before taking the stage.  There was a long line of fans waiting to meet them backstage and each member of the band appeared to generally be happy to meet every single person there.  It was clear that these guys are genuinely nice and haven't let their enormous success go to their head. 

Elizabeth (seen on the left) was the first person in line.  She started waiting to make sure she was in the front row at 6AM!  Talk about dedication!  It paid off though.  Right away during the first song singer Dan Reynolds made his way to the front of the stage and sang right in her face. 

There was a moment during the 3rd song in which Dan stopped performing for a second and just looked around the arena seemingly in disbelief.  It looked as though he was even tearing up a bit before giving a sincere thanks to Seattle for supporting the band.