Imagine Dragons @ Showbox Market 10.02.12

October 2, 2012
Imagine Dragons are going to be huge. Of course, you hear this about every catchy, flash in the pan, hot new thing. But there's a lot more behind these gentlemen than "It's Time". A few key factors reveal that this is almost overstating the obvious. First the fact that they sold out the Showbox Market on a Tuesday a week in advance is a feat on it's own, while it may not have hurt that up and comers Youngblood Hawke rounded out the bill, the strength of the first single along side an album full of solid cuts does the leg work for them.  Taking the stage at the beautiful club which now stands columnless (poles used to obstruct site lines from the back bars but have since been removed revealing a perfect unobstructed view). The band cranks out hit after hit that I didn't know I had. The packed floor filled clings to every word and movement of frontman Dan Reynolds, as he pounds a center stage placed snare, providing extra percussion to nearly every track when he's not busy serpentining to make sure no fans hand is left un-slapped, no kid left without gobs of sweat dripped down upon them from the stage. And the kids eat it up like candy before dinner. With no less than 5 crowd surfers in the bands obviously non agressive set, the whole evening is marked with syncronized fist pumps, a sea of camera phones, and an unfathomable amount of sing alongs. I spent a better part of the evening guessing what the next single would be to no avail (though "Demons"... Coldplay better watch out).  

To say they've come a long way from my first time catching them at a bar in Austin earlier this year playing to about 15 people, is an understatement.  Even when the songs somehow manage to not connect with you, the shear, honest energy of the band filled the room to it's breaking point. While every band dreams of superstardom, may know their way around a guitar, and clearly enjoy getting up on stage each night, there's few that do it with such sincerity as ID.  I remember seeing another band in the last few years and getting the same sort of feeling, and they just finished headlining the WAMU Theater (that band is Foster The People), expect to see these guys in that same room quite soon. Oh and did I mention how they all made their way to the merch booth post show (and post an almost entirely crowd led "It's Time" crowd sing a long) to sign autographs for every kid there? This is a band that gets it. That cares about what they're doing, and are going about it in all the right ways.  Look for them to take the world by storm in 2013. Till then...Be glad you got to be there, because you won't see them in a place that small again, anytime soon.