Jake Bugg @ The Neptune Theater 09.26.13

September 26, 2013

Jake Bugg sold out the Neptune Theater Thursday night in Seattle.  My niece Athena was pretty stoked that I was going to photograph the show.  Since she is a super-fan I asked her to send me a text with a few words on how she felt about him.  What she wrote was in my opinion pretty aw esome so I thought I would share it with you....

Athena wrote  "Jake Bugg is a true inspiration to me.  I remember the first time I heard 'Lightning Bolt' and I actually thought it was a Bob Dylan song.  After I looked him up I realized just how much of a gem he was. 

Jake grew up in
the troubled town of Nottingham.  The first album he ever bought was Buddy Holly and some of his biggest inspirations are Johnny Cash, Donovan, the Beatles, The Everly Brothers and Bob Dylan. 

Jake's writing style is similar to Dylan's in the way he can tell a story through his songs.  Jake is an old soul like me and I feel I can connect to his music when I'm sad or when I'm happy. 

He recently released a new single "What doesn't kill you" along with a new music video.  I just about died when I saw him singing with his black Fender in hand and his leather jacket.  It's a truly rare thing to find such a unique and kind person like Jake.  You can tell he loves his fans and that his fans love him back. 

I not only look up to Jake but thrive every day to be Mrs. Jake Bugg.

Thanks for writing that Athena!  When I was your age I wanted to be Mr. Samantha Fox :)

Mat Hayward
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