Jane's Addiction performs 'Nothing's Shocking' @ Showbox Sodo 07.22.15

July 23, 2015

Jane’s Addiction released the album ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ in 1988 and I have never been the same. For about 2 years straight I played my cassette as loud as possible over and over again, every day, all day. I was a punk kid that weighed 135 pounds soaking wet. I always had mor e attitude than sense but when I listened to ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ I felt invincible (skin and bones, pointy nose anyone?). I cannot think of any album made since then that has made me feel this way.

In April of 1989 I drove to Portland, OR to see Jane’s  p erform during the original ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ tour at the Starry Night Club (now the Roseland Theater). To this day it remains the single greatest concert experience of my life and I still consider ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ to be the greatest album ever made.

Imagine my level of excitement when I learned that Jane’s Addiction would be performing the album in its entirety at Showbox Sodo in Seattle. Jane’s Addiction is a true rock band that can fill an arena, yet here they are touring clubs around the country playing this iconic album. It seems the tour is more about the raw, authentic and personal experience than it is about making as much money as possible. For me, this was a dream come true.

The show last night was sold out of course. The room was filled to the rim with a lot of 40-somethings that were fully prepared to drink hard and play even harder. The energy in the room was undeniable and almost overwhelming.  At 9:45 the band made their way on to the stage and the room erupted! Stephen Perkins stepped behind the massive drum kit with his contagious smile, Chris Chaney took stage left, Dave Navarro took stage right and Perry Farrell came out with a top-hat and attitude. It was clear the band was ready to rock! Almost immediately we all went ‘Up The Beach.’ It was an instant trip back in time. I was 16 again, I had an 18 inch purple Mohawk and I was once again invincible!  

For the next hour, Jane’s played every song on the album finishing with the strongest version of ‘Pigs in Zen’ I’ve ever heard from them. After that they rolled into what was their most commercially recognized hit song ‘Been Caught Stealing’ from the album ‘Ritual De Lo Habitual’ this is clearly the favorite of many Jane’s fans and the room showed their appreciation as the set shifted out of Nothing's Shocking gear. Next they played my favorite song…‘Three Days.’ Perry’s Beautiful Bride Etty appeared on stage with a friend (they were also on stage earlier during ‘Ted Just Admit It’). I’ve seen Jane's play Three Days many times over the years and every time I get goose bumps. The song is so powerful and so beautiful. Witnessing it being performed live is like going to another world filled with intense sexuality, danger and beauty. I love it!

Last but certainly not least it was time to ‘Stop’. During the song, two girls in their underpants were swinging hard while suspended from the ceiling with flesh hooks. The band pushed the energy level even higher to close the night out leaving a lasting final impression. It was a incredible night thanks to an amazing band.

-Mat Hayward
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