Kimbra @ Neptune Theatre 04.13.15

April 16, 2015

New Zealand artist Kimbra made a stop in Seattle this week at the Neptune Theatre and put on a phenomenal show. Like many End listeners, she popped onto my radar when the mega-hit song by Gotye Somebo dy That I Used To Know took over the world. Since then she has been very busy and has never ceased to amaze.

Kimbra strikes me as an old soul singer fused with a high energy pop star who is not only exciting to watch, she is great to listen to. The range of her voice absolutely blows my mind. Her videos are so creative, her fashion sense is like no other in the best way possible and she always seems like she is having a genuinely great time. She truly is one of my favorite artists to photograph.

I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to snap a few portraits before her show. Like every person I have ever met from New Zealand she was extraordinarily kind and approachable and it was a pleasure to chat for a bit. She will be playing Coachella again this weekend and I for one hope she makes her way back to Seattle again soon!

You can pick up her latest album The Golden Echo HERE
She does a great job with her Facebook page so you should give it a like: HERE

-Mat Hayward
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