Kimbra in studio

July 2, 2012

New Zealand’s Kimbra spent time at the End station to sit down with Red for an interview and to record a couple of songs in the studio.  During that time she allowed me to snap a few photos and shoot some video.

It was great to learn that she is as nice as I had thought and hoped she would be.  Clearly her charm isn't just limited to the stage.  Besides the fa ct that she was a pleasure to be around, another thing that also became clear to me is that she is a perfectionist.  Kimbra and her band were working out some new twists to her hit single Settle Down at the station before her performance in front of a sold out crowd at Wamu and there were no sh ortcuts taken.  Watching her and the band sort out the details of the song gave me new perspective on how hard musicians work on a day to day basis.  Kimbra said later that night she wrote Settle Down when she was 16 so she wanted to mix it up a bit.  When she asked the sold out crowd and Wamu whether they liked the new version or not I saw a sea of arms raised with an emphatic thumbs up for her and the new version. 

The recording process was somewhat surreal for me.  In the studio was myself, Ryan from the End and Kimbra with guitarist Timon Martin, drummer Stevie McQuinn and keyboardist Fagan Wilcox.  Everyone but me had headphones on and could hear the entire mix.  Because I wasn't plugged in I couldn't hear any of the music associated with the instruments being played.  The one exception was the best instrument of all…Kimbra’s flawless and powerful voice.  Her singing paired with her beauty makes her absolutely mesmerizing to watch and listen to.  I heard her sing the two songs a number of times while working out the mix and each time it got better and better.  I kid you not, every time she hit the high notes I got goose bumps.  After they were done recording we were all talking about how it went.  Her expression was pretty funny when I told her I wasn’t plugged in and could only hear her voice.  She seemed to be shy and embarrassed about it as she didn't realize that at the time.  Her humble nature made me like her even more and let me tell you as a fan of her music, she could release the song A capella and I would love it just as much, if not more!

Kimbra will be headlining a show at the Showbox Market on September 26.  I suggest you go! 

More photos from the End studio session can be seen by clicking this link to Facebook.

Photos from teh rest of the day including Kimbra's performance at Wamu along with Foster the People and Mayer Hawthorne can be seen here.

-Mat Hayward