Lemonade @ Barboza 06.12.12

June 12, 2012

Lemonade and Barboza fit together like star crossed lovers on a summer night, the new venue's streamlined classy vibe, and the bands yacht rock synth sound fit perfectly as though they were originally made with one another in mind. Washy noise slipping between the crowd as the trio churn out dow ntempo dance jams like it's their job. One can easily picture them resonating on a much larger level and certainly making the jump to Neumos upstairs, but so fresh out of the gate w/ their debut, the crowd is an unfortunately small turn out (though those who were there definitely get their hipster punchcard stamped.) and it speaks to the climate of Seattle's somewhat continued trend to neglect up and coming compelling dance music for EDM and Dubstep.

However It's clear from the start that despite being young and under appreciated, the show will do more than go on. Front lit by kaleidoscoping projections, and flanked by a noticeably neon shirt and matching neon drumsticks to boot (as enhanced by a black light which I totally envision being the object of some heated debate in a Home Depot in New Mexico "Dude, we are GETTING it". ) the lack of windows and basement location, hardly effect the feeling that you're anywhere but far away from a gloomy night in Seattle. It doesn't hurt that "Diver" out now via True Panther Sounds, packs the hits, be it slow jam, "Neptune", the heir to the XX throne, "Softkiss" or the stark and haunting "Vivid", it's obvious, judging by even the small crowds Tuesday night twist and shout moves that they're onto something.

Expect them to return in a few months with more radio support, hopefully an opening slot that allows a chance for better exposure and definitely, hopefully, more neon. Certainly an End Music Discovery to keep on your radar, check out the not so safe for work video for "Neptune" below, and keep an eye out for their return. Until then, just try not to make too many babies to their record.