Leo's Oscar hunt is good for the internet and for us

Can you button-mash your way to an Academy Award in this hilarious game?

February 18, 2016

The internet is chok-full of games and jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio having never won an Oscar. Now that it's Oscar season and the one and only Leo is up for yet another nomination for Actor in a Leading Role (for the fifth time he has been nominated) for his role in The Revenant where he fights a bear, Bane (ok, maybe just Tom Hardy) and probably a couple infectious diseases. So far, it's looking like he might win this one!

It's because he might win that it seems like everyone is pulling out all the stops on the 'Leo hasn't won yet' schtik and, bless the internet, we now have a game where you can be Leo and chase your very own Academy Award. 

Is 2016 going to be Leo Dicaprio's year? Give it a shot and play Red Carpet Rampage and see if you can get Leo an Oscar before he gets one for himself. 

(we'll never let go, Jack).