The Best Brunch Spots in Seattle

August 29, 2017


Put on your #basic hat, we’re going brunching!

Much like combining chocolate and peanut butter creates a superior flavor, so does combining breakfast and lunch. Yea, this is a blog about brunch! The most delicious and most #basic #instagrammed meal of all time.

The best places to eat in Seattle

Seattle has a million good places to eat, and about half of those have really solid brunch options. I’m going to list, like, five of them. So feel free to tweet me with your favorites because I am down to explore and just because I omitted something you love does not mean I have terrible taste (my love of Steak n Shake might, though).

And much like breakfast and lunch combine to make a delicious brunch, I believe firmly it is brunch’s sweet-and-savory component that makes it special. Because I like omelets AND I like cinnamon rolls and I don’t believe those should be mutually exclusive. (I also like food naps.)

1. Lola (Downtown). Two words: Smashed potatoes. Garlicky, crispy, yet somehow creamy in the middle, those Lola potatoes are a Seattle institution and food mystery at the same time. How do they do that? Lola also has great omelets and people swear by that octopus. No matter your direction, finish your meal off with their little sugared donuts and dipping sauce. It’s the perfect end to the perfect brunch.

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2. CJ’s Eatery (Belltown). This place is often overlooked, but if you like Swedish pancakes and a cheap bill, it’s the jam. Swedish pancakes are thin, though not as thin as crepes, and kind of spongey. SO GOOD. They have a ton of savory stuff, too, but I’m going to cheat on my own qualifications and say just get the pancakes because, again, the jam.

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3. Stoneburner (Ballard). Ah, the impetus for this blog. BrandenFromTheInternet and I got into a serious brunch conversation last week with Ballard's Stoneburner front and center. Known for pizza usually, Stoneburner’s brunch menu will surprise you with great egg dishes and fun sweet stuff alike. Try the fresh-made baked good, whatever it is. I’ve never been disappointed and you won’t be either. Savory and spicy items include the yummy eggs in purgatory and the crispy polenta cakes. There are lots of good Ballard brunch places, but make sure this one’s in rotation.

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4. Serious Biscuit (South Lake Union). Biscuits. Smothered. Covered. Stuffed. Reasonably priced. Delicious. Artery-clogging. It’s everything you want after a long night out.

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5. Din Tai Fung (University Village OR Pacific Place). It’s not traditional American brunch, but dim sum is an excellent way to start your morning. Get the XiaoLongBao, spicy wontons and garlic green beans to start the day. Then you’ll be ready for a food coma nap – the best way to spend afternoons in the fall and winter in Seattle!

Got another brunch spot we should try?

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