The Best Karaoke Songs By Women, For Women

March 8, 2017

Everybody’s got their something, and my “something” is karaoke. The vibe of a great karaoke bar is welcoming, cozy, and FUN. It’s a place where everyone sings along and laughs together. After all, karaoke should never be taken too seriously… that’s what open mic nights are for.

The best songs are the ones everyone knows, so here are some of my favorites by women on International Women’s Day that are perfect for karaoke night out.

Lisa Loeb – Stay
Lisa Loeb made being a nerd cool (long before Zooey Deschanel), so she’s automatically alright in my book. “Stay” is great for a solo jam or with a group. Get emotional, ham it up! Dramatic Reality Bites Winona Ryder would want you to.

Cranberries – Zombie
At Bush Garden one night, I hadn’t gotten my name called in nearly two hours. So, when some gal named Karen didn’t show up for her song, I claimed it in what was an uncharacteristically ballsy move. I came to find out it was “Zombie,” a song I didn’t know other than yodeling in the car. Turns out, it’s super fun to karaoke and has been on the list ever since. And yes, I got called out for being “that girl” by Karen’s friends, so Karen, if you’re out there, sorry I took your spot, but thanks for picking a killer karaoke jam.

No Doubt / Gwen Stefani – Pick a song, any song
If you were a 90s ska fan like me, then almost any No Doubt song from Tragic Kingdom will do, but “Just A Girl” and “Spiderwebs” are obvious crowd favorites. Added bonus if you can do some high kicks and jumps a la Gwen in there – it’s cardio and I’m winded just thinking about it. If you’re feeling poppy, don’t forget about that Gwen song where she spells out BANANAS. It’s bananas.

Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
I know, I know, country is lame blah blah blah. Totally agree, except for this song in karaokeland. Everyone knows it. It goes high and low. And you get to sing about keying a car, something you’d never, ever do in real life.

I know there are SO many more. Share them with me on Twitter @1077theend and @LeslieInSeattle.

Can we agree on one thing, though? No Adele.* I tried it once in a moment of poor judgment and still haven’t lived it down.

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*Unless you’re actually Adele, in which case, I’ll watch you karaoke anytime.