Hulu Gets New Series “Shrill” Thanks to Seattle’s Lindy West

and stars SNL's Aidy Bryant!

February 12, 2019

Baloon111 |


Sure, there have been lots of cool Seattle dudes to get shows and movies made about their lives (and Ted Bundy, yikes…), but there are so many more Seattleite voices to be heard. That’s why it’s awesome to see the work of Seattle’s own Lindy West being made into a series for Hulu. You probably used to read Lindy West when she wrote for The Stranger, and you can read her now in The New York Times, among other places.


Shrill is based on West’s book of essays of the same name, and stars Aidy Bryant as a Portland-based writer named Annie. The series was filmed in Portland (but don’t hold that point against the whole show). Elizabeth Banks and Lorne Michaels are the executive producers. Fingers crossed that all adds up to a very bingeable new favorite when it drops on March 15th.

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