Stomping Grounds: Where to go in Greenwood?

December 20, 2016

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I found Greenwood after leaving Capitol Hill in search of a fun neighborhood without the pizza boxes in various states in and around my apartment building. Greenwood has a bit of everything – great bars and restaurants, cute shops, an arts scene and a fun nightlife. You can easily get to Green Lake without needing a vehicle, Ballard is a quick drive away, and you’re closer to a Costco than most of your friends in other places in the city (nothing against 4th Ave. Costco, it’s just that North Aurora is where it’s at).

But who am I, anyway?

Name: Leslie Scott
Job: Program Director of 107.7 The End
I live in: Greenwood, the best neighborhood in Seattle (come at me, bro!)

The North Star Diner

Greenwood had a severe late night food issue until about 18 months ago when the North Star opened. They boasted milkshakes, pie and build-your-own-burritos and that once they were open, they wouldn’t close. So yeah, to go from zero late night pancakes to late night pancakes at any hour of the day or night was pretty excellent. And though I talk a lot about pancakes, my first love there is the challah French toast. Do it.

Bonus: The North Star Diner is next to the Shanghai Room, a divey bar with TVs, good spirits and karaoke. Which brings me to…

The Shanghai Room

Karaoke is my jam and Greenwood brings it. The Shanghai Room features a dance floor with a small stage surrounded by mirrors. I’ve heard lots of bizarre song choices, which adds to the fun. People dance while you sing. Would recommend.

Across the street is the Baranof, a Seattle institution. The karaoke is loud and there’s always a vibe that something could get weird. Just what you want in a neighborhood staple.

Fu Man Dumpling House

I’m being liberal on my “Greenwood” boundaries here, but I just discovered this place and it’s worth the stretch. Head north on Greenwood to 143rd (still Seattle, not Shoreline, no matter what your snarky friend says) for steamed dumplings, pot stickers, all. of. the. noodles., and the most delicious garlic sauce I’ve experienced. It’s not fancy, but it’s cheap and yummy. 12/10.

Coyle’s Bakeshop

Remember when the cronut was a thing? Coyle’s has the latest pastry mash-up: the croissant pretzel. The "Croitzel," if you will. Yeah, it’s a pretzel made out of flaky croissant dough, with a little sea salt sprinkled on top. Their scones and croissants are also incredible. Get there early because they close once everything’s gone for the day, ensuring your desired treat is always fresh!

Angry Beaver

Here’s the thing – my favorite place to watch a game was Bill’s On Greenwood, which closed earlier this year, and then the world lost Don, owner of both Bill’s Off Broadway and Greenwood (#RIPBills, #RIPDon). But a place that can’t go overlooked for sports is the Angry Beaver. It’s all hockey, all the time. Plus, it’s been through a lot of garbage, most recently closing for a while after the Greenwood Explosion. Go watch some hockey, eh. 

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