Tips for your trip to the Tulip Festival

April 12, 2017

Photo by Leslie Scott


The best part about our long, dreary Seattle winters is knowing all that rain makes for beautiful tulips!

We’ve had the grossest winter ever (scientific fact, duh), but that actually makes for great tulip-ing because the flowers get taller and heartier (again, another scientific fact I heard somewhere).

So if you’re heading north this month to take selfies with flowers, here are a few tips for your tulip experience.

DO: Leave home early. Assuming you’re frolicking through flowers on a weekend, remember that everyone else is, too. Get up and out early to avoid that miles-long backup as you get into Skagit County. You can get your bloody mary after seeing all the flowers. Credit if you can go during the week; the rest of us are jealous of your one-on-one tulip time.

DO: Wear mud shoes. We’re talking about acres and acres of potential puddles and mud. Whether galoshes or your favorite hiking boots, keep your feet warm and dry or you’re gonna have a bad time. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a perfect photo because you’re worried about ruining your Toms.

DO: Take pictures. Speaking of photos… take a lot of them. Tulip Festival is a pretty unique thing. Not everyone can drive an hour-ish north of their house and see miles of vividly colored flowers. Take photos and appreciate it.

DO: Buy a bouquet. Treat yo’self or someone else you love, like, or tolerate. Everyone loves fresh flowers.

DON’T: Walk into the fields. There are signs everywhere, but it never fails that someone snaps a pic of their buddy/sig other/stranger in the fields like right next to the sign that says, “No really, please don’t go in here.”

The fields are open now and you can get more info here.

Happy tuliping!

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