LISTEN: Passion Pit Releases New Track

By: Maura O'Malley

February 15, 2017

Passion Pit released a new whimsical song, “Somewhere Up There.” It builds as the track progresses, cuts for a brief lecture on child-mother attachment, and then picks up again—only to cut out one last time for a voicemail from singer Michael Angelakos’ mom. What a cool shoutout, right?

“Somewhere Up There” is the second track released by the band this week. On Monday, they debuted the bouncy “Inner Dialogue.”

Both songs seek to promote a new company—Wishart Group—a venture launched by Angelakos to help musicians receive educational, legal, and healthcare services. According to Rolling Stone, Angelakos was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which affected his ability to play several shows and led to the cancellation of several tour dates. Now an advocate for mental health awareness, Angelakos revealed that Wishart Group will focus largely on the mental health sector.