Kevin Sur

Locals Only Playlist: June 30th with Kevin Sur

July 3, 2019

It's always good times when Kevin Sur comes by Locals Only to talk about the latest project his team is working on. Kevin Sur is at the helm of Artist Home Booking which produces events such as Timber! Outdoor Music Festival which will be taking place July 11th through 13th at Tolt McDonald Park in Carnation, WA. 

As always the lineup for Timber! is fantastic and loaded with plenty of Locals Only favorites such as Chong The Nomad, Hibou, Summer Cannibals, Kilcid Band and plenty more. Oh, did I mention Mark Lanegan is going to be there and he will be performing with the Passenger String Quartet? It's going to be amazing. 

We played all of those artists and more from the lineup on Sunday night. Here is the full playlist:

Mark Lanegan - Song To Manset

Summer Cannibals - Full Of It

Spirit Of The Red City - Halfway Poem

Stephanie Anne Johnson - Georgia

Point Of Arches - Birth Of Venus

Spesh - Gorgeous EBRDX

Death Cab For Cutie - When We Drive (Chong The Nomad remix)

Chong The Nomad - Two Colors

Hibou - As Always

Skating Polly - Play House

Allstar Opera - Building Blocks

Kuinka - Howl

Hayley Hendrickx - Oom Sha La La

Kilcid Band - Good Get Gone