Locals Only Artist of the Month: J GRGRY

June 2017

June 2, 2017

Joe Gregory is J GRGRY, but J GRGRY isn't Joe Gregory. As a recording and performing artist, Joe Gregory resides at the intersection of tradition and evolution. After half a lifetime spent making music, he's finally realized his grand vision, perfecting an emotional, accessible style of soaring electro-pop balladry. With a new collection of songs, a new band and a handful of major performances on the horizon, Gregory is simultaneously starting over and staking his claim, building from hard-fought experiences and copious influences a sound that's completely fresh and entirely his own. 

Gregory drew on many experiences to create J GRGRY's new EP, GOLD TEETH + GLASS EYES. Among them, signing his first recording contract at just 17 with the Seattle indie-pop act Dolour; befriending and recording with Jonathan Davis of Korn (yes, that Korn.); battling a serious alcohol addiction, and living on the streets of Italy.

Returning to Seattle meant a dose of reality, sobriety and a reignited passion for creating music. GOLD TEETH + GLASS EYES defines Joe Gregory at present. He's gathered a band of musical brothers for fun and unique live shows. To reflect their contribution to Gregory's vision and the collective effort of four equal individuals, the band performs under the moniker J GRGRY. Less Joe Gregory, more of everyone else.


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