LOCALS ONLY: Feb. 28 Playlist

Geddy D (aka David Einmo) joins us in studio

February 29, 2016
  • "Wrong Side of Sunrise" by Head Like A Kite
  • "Walking in my Sleep" by Kris Orlowski

WATCH: New video from new Kris Orlowski album

  • "Eyes on You" by Hey Marseilles
  • "Gilded Oldies" by Cataldo
  • "See These Eyes" by Deep Sea Diver
  • "Thunderpussy" by Thunderpussy

Video of Carry Your Weight - Kris Orlowski
  • "Buzzard" by Sisters
  • "Exit 353" by Damien Jurado
  • "Unhindered Pace" by Ruler
  • "The Wave" by Sundries
  • "Out of Hand" by Graig Markel
  • "That's Why" by The Cave Singers

LISTEN: "Banshee" by The Cave Singers 

  • "Vampires" by S.
  • "Marzipan" by Fauna Shade
  • "Friendly Ghost" by Lonely Mountain Lovers
  • "Not Alone Tonight" by Murder Vibes
  • "Satisfied" by Gibraltar
  • "Seaside" by Duke Evers
  • "Clever's Not My Best Excuse" by Daydream Vacation
  • "Heart Stray" by Fame Riot
  • "No Ordinary Caveman" by Head Like a Kite
  • "Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos
  • "Director's Cut" by Head Like a Kite