LOCALS ONLY: Manatee Commune talks Thistle EP, future shows

Locals Only March 19 playlist

March 21, 2016

Sunday night, Grant of the band Manatee Commune joined me on Locals Only to discuss his recently-released EP, Thistle.

Thistle made it as high as #8 on the iTunes Electronic charts and in the meantime, Manatee Commune has been selling out shows in Seattle and Bellingham. You could say things are going pretty well for this dude.

We covered everything from clam digging to what it was like to perform at Bonnaroo in a tent between Slayer and Flying Lotus. 

If you missed the last sold-out Manatee Commune show don't worry, you can catch him doing a DJ set at Barboza on April 1st or on tour with Blackbird Blackbird and Chad Valley at Barboza on April 27th. You'll want to get tickets to that show on the 27th ASAP because it will be selling out.

Check out the playlist from Sunday, March 19 below:

  • "Bazzle Shabazz " by Fauna Shade
  • "I Died Dreaming" by Acid Tongue
  • "See These Eyes" by Deep Sea Diver
  • "Funk With Us" by Brothers From Another
  • "Exit 353" by Damien Jurado
  • "Zombies" by Radiation City
  • "Boomerang " by She Is We
  • "Why Try" by The Hollers
  • "Red Eye" by The Moondoggies
  • "Cloudline" by Joseph
  • "1971" by Motopony
  • "True Affection" by Father John Misty
  • "Low Halo" by Lemolo
  • "Back 2 U (Sol Remix)" by Sisters
  • "Clay" by Manatee Commune
  • "Petrified" by Lonely Mountain Lovers
  • "Secrets" by Neighbors
  • "Little Child" by Maiah Manser
  • "Vampires" by S.
  • "That's Why" by The Cave Singers
  • "Prowl" by Cuff Lynx
  • "Thunderpussy" by Thunderpussy