Locals Only: March 13 Playlist with Tacoma band, She Is We

She Is We Joins perform "Boomerang" in-studio with Steven

March 14, 2016

Our guest on Locals Only this week was Tacoma band She Is We, who performed an acoustic in-studio version of their single, "Boomerang." She Is We release their debut record WAR Friday, March 18 on Vanguard Records.

If you're looking for a great local show this week, head to Neumos on Wednesday night to catch Deep Sea Diver with Radiation City and Smokey Brights. It doesn't really get much better than that on a Wednesday. Check the new Deep Sea Diver video below:

Video of DEEP SEA DIVER "SEE THESE EYES" [Official Music Video]
  • "Boomerang" by She Is We
  • "Sleep" by I Will Keep Your Ghost
  • "Friendly Ghost" by Lonely Mountain Lovers
  • "That's Why" by Cave Singers

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  • "See These Eyes" by Deep Sea Diver
  • "Cloudline" by Joseph
  • "Walking In My Sleep" by Kris Orlowski

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  • "Clay" by Manatee Commune
  • "Like Dreaming" by The Hollers
  • "Bazzle Shabazz" by Fauna Shade
  • "As Long As We Get Along" by The Weather Machine
  • "Your Lady" by A String Of Pearls
  • "Stoic Resemblance" by The Helio Sequence
  • "Boomerang (live acoustic in studio)" by She Is We
  • "A Knock At The Door" by Greet The Sea
  • "Dissolve" by Hibou
  • "Heart Stray" by The Fame Riot
  • "Dim The Lights" by Wild Ones
  • Monster" by She Is We
  • "Blue Curse #2" by The Snakebites
  • "The Cure" by Faint Peter
  • "Blizzard of 77 (Nada Surf cover)" by Ruler
  • "Seaside" by Duke Evers
  • "Dark Wave" by Kairos