LOCALS ONLY: March 27 Playlist with Tacocat

Tacocat played the Bernie Sanders rally and are releasing a record

March 28, 2016

My guest for Locals Only on March 27 was Seattle band Tacocat. Not only did Tacocat recently record the new Powerpuff Girls theme song (yes, the Cartoon Network show), but they are big time "Feeling The Bern" right now since performing at the Bernie Sanders rally at Safeco Field on Friday afternoon in front of 30,000+ people.

Senator Sanders thanked "the Tacocat band" which is pretty much amazing. We covered everything from their run in with the Secret Service to their upcoming two month tour of the U.S. and Europe. You have two chances to catch Tacocat Thursday night (March 31) at Chop Suey in Seattle as they have a 6:00 p.m. all ages show and a 9:00 p.m. 21+ performance. Or you can always wait to catch them on the main stage at Sasquatch in May. 

Tacocat is also releasing their new album Lost Time this Friday through Hardly Art Records but you can stream it now right here:

Also, this week on Locals Only we heard brand new music from Lisa Prank (who will be opening Tacocat's all ages show on Thursday), Everett's Mr. Night Sky and The Almost Faithful sent in their song "My Soul Is Saving Me" which has some serious Quentin Tarantino soundtrack vibes.

See the full Locals Only playlist from March 27 below:

  • "Failed Dimension" by Mr. Night Sky
  • "Great Light" by Deep Sea Diver
  • "Queen" by Perfume Genius
  • "West Coast" by Hey Marseilles
  • "1973" by Fauna Shade
  • "Heart Stray" by The Fame Riot
  • "Love Is" by Dude York
  • "Don't Wait Up" by Robert Delong
  • "Time To Go Home" by Chastity Belt
  • "That's Why" by The Cave Singers
  • "My Soul Is Saving Me" by The Almost Faithful
  • "Buzzard" by SISTERS
  • "Zombies" by Radiation City
  • "Talk" by Tacocat
  • "You'll Always Be Lonely" by Tangerine
  • "Easy Eating" by Naked Giants
  • "Let Me Write Yer Lines" by Lisa Prank
  • "Petrified" by Ruler
  • "Future Is Female" by Boyfriends
  • "Clay" by Mannatee Commune
  • "Everybody Loves Brunch" by Brunch Brains
  • "Chantael" by The Grizzled Mighty
  • "Low Halo" by Lemolo