Locals Only: March 6 Playlist

Fauna Shade stop by to play all four tracks from their new EP

March 7, 2016

Our guests on Locals Only this week were Scotty Smith, Derek Johnston and Richie Owen of Everett band Fauna Shade. They will be releasing their new Floral Hall EP this Thursday night at Barboza and were kind enough to come by the show and let us play all four of their new tracks.

Go see these guys at Barboza this Thursday night (3/10) with Tango Alpha Tango and The Echo Echo Echos and be sure to bring some ear protection because these new Fauna Shade tracks are straight heaters!

Just wait till you see them perform "Bazzle Shabazz" live.

- Steven

• • •

Here is our playlist from Locals Only this week:

  • "No Nostalgia" by Fauna Shade
  • "Wrong Side Of Sunrise" by Head Like A Kite
  • "Queen" by Perfume Genius
  • "1973" by Fauna Shade
  • "Clay" by Manatee Commune
  • "That's Why" by The Cave Singers

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  • "Bazzle Shabazz" by Fauna Shade
  • "West Coast" by Hey Marseilles

ENDSESSION: "West Coast" by Hey Marseilles

  • "A Knock At The Door" by Greet The Sea
  • "PS" by Fauna Shade
  • "It Girl" by Hot! Donna
  • "Daylight's Gone" by Motopony
  • "Great Light" by Deep Sea Diver
  • "Wizard" by Mr. Night Sky
  • "I died Dreaming" by Acid Tongue
  • "So Good" by Beat Connection
  • "It's a Hunger" by Say Hi
  • "The Cure" by Faint Peter
  • "Far Away Skies" by Dean Johnson
  • "No Money" by The Weather
  • "Like Dreaming" by The Hollers
  • "Talk" by TacocaT
  • "Cold Feet Killer" by My Goodness 
  • "Petrified" by Ruler