Photo by Steven Graham

Locals Only Playlist: July 24 with special guest Tangerine

July 25, 2016

We had our Locals Only Artist of the Month Tangerine on the show this week. They are fresh off a performance at Capitol Hill Block Party and are gearing up to take the stage at Summer Camp on August 13th (TICKETS).

Most times when bands join me on the show they want to play other local bands who are in the scene right now. Tangerine did the same by requesting Fauna Shade and Snuff Redux (who they play Chop Suey with on September 23) but they also hit us with some old-school alternative when they requested we play Hole, Vendetta Red and The Divorce.

Way to dig deep, you guys. Well done.

We also played brand new music from Jenn Champion, Made Of Boxes and Jake Laundry.

- Steven

See the rest of the playlist below:

  • Sloucher - Flower Girl
  • Crystal Desert - Sick Of Living
  • Maiah Manser - Hold Your Head Up
  • Kris Orlowski - Enough (See Kris Orlowski at Summer Camp - TICKETS)
  • Acid Tongue - I Died Dreaming
  • Crater - Summer Skin
  • Beat Connection - Palace Garden, 4AM
  • Jenn Champion - No One
  • Tellers - Punching Bag
  • David Bazan - Trouble With Boys
  • Made Of Boxes - Osprey
  • The Flavr Blue - Wit It
  • Father John Misty - Real Love Baby
  • Faint Peter - The Cure
  • Tangerine - Sunset (See Tangerine at Summer Camp - TICKETS)
  • Manatee Commune - What We've Got
  • Ruler - Petrifide
  • Fauna Shade - 1973
  • Snuff Redux - Stop The Judge
  • Hole - Violet
  • Mr Night Sky - Wizard
  • Tangerine - Wild At Heart 
  • Vendetta Red - Shatterday
  • The Divorce - Breaker Breaker
  • Fly Moon Royalty - Grown Man