Locals Only Playlist: June 19, 2016 with Belgian Fog

June 20, 2016

I was joined by local musician Robert Dale AKA Belgian Fog last Sunday night.

For the last couple years this guy has been a bit of a mystery, releasing a song here and there while piling up hundreds of thousands of streams online and playing no live shows at all. It turns out there will likely be a five track Belgian Fog EP coming out later this year and we might get some live performances as soon as late-summer. If that happens I will be first in line for tickets.

We played a few Belgian Fog songs and a bunch of other great stuff on the show last night.

- Steven Graham

- - -

Check out the playlist below:

  • Chris Staples - Relatively Permanent
  • Tacocat - Talk
  • Crystal Desert - Sick Of Living
  • I Will Keep Your Ghost - Sleep
  • Belgian Fog - One Night Man
  • The Flavr Blue - Wit It
  • The Hollers - Like Dreaming
  • Belgian Fog - Loveless Way
  • Brothers From Another - Funk With Us
  • Radiation City - Juicy
  • Car Seat Headrest - Fill In The Blank
  • Belgian Fog - Serial Dancer
  • Hey Marseilles - West Coast
  • The Head and The Heart - All We Ever Knew
  • Mr. Night Sky - Guitar Man
  • Among Authors - Imitation House
  • Deep Sea Diver - See These Eyes
  • Belgian Fog - 1979 (cover)
  • Tangerine - Sunsets
  • Kris Orloski - Enough