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Locals Only Playlist: June 26 with special guest Hey Marseilles

June 27, 2016

For Locals Only this week I was joined by Matt and Sam from our Locals Only Artist of The Month band, Hey Marseilles. Matt and I bonded over our fear of heights while Sam made us watch a video of him bungee jumping. But then again, Sam wore a blazer and a velvet tank top to the interview, so he can pretty much do whatever he wants. 

We played a few of my favorite Hey Marseilles songs (which you can enjoy live at Summer Camp) and also got some brand new music in there from Leava, Weeknites, and Manatee Commune.

- Steven

Here's the playlist from June 26:
(Last Week's Playlist)

  • Hey Marseilles - West Coast

Not your average brewery concert with Hey Marseilles

  • The Fame Riot - Heart Stray
  • Ever So Android - Moment
  • Lisa Prank - Let me Write Yer Lines
  • Kris Orlowski - Enough
  • Mr. Night Sky - Guitar Man
  • Fly Moon Royalty - Grown Man
  • The Hollers - Like Dreaming
  • Hey Marseilles - Eyes On You
  • Maiah Manser - Hold Your Head Up
  • Belgian Fog - One Night Man
  • Tangerine - Sunsets
  • Among Authors - Imitation House
  • Fauna Shade - 10s 11s
  • The Head and The Heart - All We Ever Knew
  • Leava - Basement 
  • Weeknites - Senseless
  • Sisters - Back 2 U Remix
  • Manatee Commune - What We've Got (ft Flint Eastwood) 
  • David Bazan - Trouble With Boys
  • the Flavr Blue - Wit It
  • Hey Marseilles - Rio
  • Pickwick - Halls Of Columbia


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Steven Graham is the host of The End's Sunday night local music spotlight, Locals Only. You can follow The End on Twitter at @1077theend and Steven at @WhatRadioBlog.