Lorde @ WaMu 03.24.14

March 25, 2014

It's hard to believe it was just a few short months ago Lorde performed at KeyArena during Deck the Hall Ball.  Since then, a lot of great things have happened to our friend.  She has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, She won Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Performance and S ong of the Year for “Royals” and now she is on her first headlining tour and her momemtum seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

What I love about Lorde is that there is no BS about her.  She is not surrounded by overwhelming technology, no giant screens with any distractions at all.  In fact, to open the show it is just Lorde, a chandelier and a microphone.  Her voice is more than enough to carry the show from city to city and the fans I've spoken with can't get enough. 

Below are a few photos from her Seattle concert.

Mat Hayward

Just for fun, here is a shot I snapped of Lorde in December back stage during Deck the Hall Ball...

As if you needed another reason to love Lorde...at Deck the Hall Ball I had a few photos on a table for artists to sign.  Lorde saw this photo of Vampire Weekend who was to be coming in the room for photos a little later...she started writing, after she was done Garett called me over...Ella had a mischievous grin and showed me that she left this message for Ezra Koenig. After he saw it I tried to get him to do some art on her photo but he wouldn't take the bait.  Maybe next time  :)