M83 @ The Paramount 04.26.12

April 26, 2012

M83 at the Paramount tonight felt less like a show in the heart of downtown, and more a backyard party with your 1000 closest fellow humans. Draped behind the band a giant backlit black cloth with holes punched in it mimicked the night sky, bringing us to the night outside in a much more cinematic w ay than the evening actually could. The bands special brand of epic all the more setting the mood as walls of guitar and synth pumped through the speakers to a particularly lively Thursday crowd in town (no seattle two-step here).

Singer, Anthony seemed particularly enamored with the venue itself, alternating gushing between the size and beauty of the room, leading this writer to believe it may be the biggest indoor spot they've played in some time (keep in mind they're fresh off Coachella). The set relies heavily on tracks from the bands latest opus, "Hurry Up We're Dreaming" to the great enthusiasm of the crowd, most who likely hadn't come across the group till Midnight City took the world by storm and set the band into the stratospheres of commercial success. Just Months ago infact they rolled through for a double stint at Neumos which holds about 1/5 of the crowd in attendance tonight. 

The set peaks and valleys, alternating between shoegazey epics and down tempo disco ballads, giving everyone in attendance enough time to regain energy between the full on freakouts that tracks like Kim and Jesse, We Own The Sky, and Don't Save Us From The Flames induce.  Perhaps the best freakout out of all however comes from onstage when Midnight City reaches it's peak with the sound of a live saxophone solo busted out to the delight of the theater (deafening cheers erupt at the first notes). While the groups remix of Daft Punk's Tron breakdown, "The Fall" induces a off tempo crowd clap-a-long (seriously, why is it so hard to clap in time with a drum beat?)

Everything culminates in a fittingly described epic encore as Couleurs pulsing bass and chilling synths take over the now long willingly abducted crowd. Whipping everyone into a frenzy as the last notes of the night blast through the room and everyone around goes absolutely bananas (people seriously take that "dance like no one is watching" thing seriously these days) and the show comes to a close with Anthony hopping down from the stage and doling out high fives to the whole front row before waving goodnight, truly as captivated with seattle, as seattle are with them.