The 10 best Pearl Jam Covers

August 3, 2018

I like music and you like music, and sometimes I am a sucker for a good cover song. 

Hall of Famers and greatest band in the history of the world, Pearl Jam, are one of those bands that can pull off a cover so well you’d almost think it was their song to begin with.

Check out the ten (see what I did there) best PJ covers ever below, and let me know if I missed any.

*I did not count any of the covers they would perform during the interlude of Daughter, otherwise we’d be here forever!

**Random Manley fact, I’ve actually seen every one of these performed live, most proud of #9!

That time Eddie Vedder sold Mariners tickets

10. Gremmie Out Of Control
One of the first PJ cover songs that revealed the softer side of the band.

9. Little Wing/Maggot Brain
This makes the list because it was performed at the first Pearl Jam concert I ever went to.  The rumor after the show was that after the show, Mike had to be given an IV backstage after suffering from exhaustion. That probably isn’t true, but I choose to believe!  

8. Kick Out The Jams
The band started performing this during their last tour, dig around the internet for the version with Dave Grohl!

7. Whip It
Back in 2009, Eddie and the boys were playing on Halloween and decided to not only cover Devo, but to dress as them as well!

6. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
You can find this on the I Am Sam soundtrack along with a bunch of other awesome Beatles covers.

5. Masters Of War
They covered this one so well they were invited to perform it at Dylan’s 30th-anniversary concert.

4. Sonic Reducer
When I was a kid, I was convinced that Sonic Reducer was some Seattle punk band’s tribute to the Sonics and the coolest thing ever. That was before Wikipedia, so give me a break, you guys!  Regardless, it remains my all time favorite PJ cover, even if its only #4 on this list.

3. Crazy Mary
PJ originally recorded this Victoria Williams song during their Vs sessions, but it's probably more famous for the song that Eddie would sing while sharing wine with the crowd at live shows.

2.  Baba O’riley
Hey speaking of live shows… any video of this one and you will see an entire arena/ampitheatre completely losing their ish while singing “Baba” at the top of their lungs. I’m convinced Pete Townsend’s ears burn everytime they play it, no matter where he is.

1. Last Kiss
You’ve heard the story by now right? Eddie was record shopping in Fremont and came across the original version of the song.  It then became the band’s traditional fan club single in 1998. It then became the band’s biggest hit. I KNOW, RIGHT? Not “Jeremy” or “Even Flow” or frickin’ “Alive”…”Last Kiss.” And for that it has to be the #1 Pearl Jam cover of all time.

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