10 Songs We Need To Hear At Summer Camp 2016

August 11, 2016

Its FINALLY here, you guys! Summer Camp 2016. And this year its bigger than ever. Two days of friends, beer, awkward tan lines, and killer music!  Which songs are you most excited to hear?

These are mine.  

"Silvertongue" - Young the Giant: This song just came out yesterday and I've listened to it 100x so far.  Yep, I'm That Guy

"All The Pretty Girls" - Kaleo:  My favorite song from quite possibly my new favorite band. 

"River" - Bishop Briggs: Can't wait to hear NEW music from her 

"Dangerous" - Big Data: How can a song thats been played on The End over 4,000(!) times still not feel old?  The answer is if it sounds like this. Still good!

"You Were the Last High" - Dandy Warhols

"Not Your Fault" - AWOLNATION: This is my favorite AWOL song of all time. We can fight about it at Summer Camp....OR we can dance together while it plays!

"Paddling Out" - Miike Snow I really get into songs that can be dancy and poppy without being formulaic and predictable.  This fits the bill for me. 

"Sunset" - Tangerine - Plain and simple, I love this band, and hope they bring Tangelus to Marymoor Park

"If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On The Dancefloor)" - Jr Jr: I am totally getting into the crowd to dance along to this song with you.

"Cough Syrup" - Young the Giant: 2 years ago YTG did an EndSession at The Croc and you sang along to every word of this song.  Ever since then, Cough Syrup has been one of my favorite songs of all time.