6 Teams to Root For Until The Sonics Come Back

October 26, 2016

The NBA season kicked off last night,and ever since the NBA robbed the Emerald City of our beloved SuperSonics, you may not have given it much thought.

But you should, because the NBA is pretty great right now. Plus after Tuesday's big stadium news, we are closer than ever to the return of basketball to Seattle! So, who to cheer for until the Sonics come back? I have a few suggestions...


Photo by Kyle Tarada | Courtesy USA Today

Why you should:  Portland has one of the most exciting backcourts in the NBA. Damian Lillard is a pretty good rapper. Former Sonics announcer Kevin Calabro is the new voice of the Blazers. Their games are on TV here! 

Why you shouldn't: I mean, its Portland. Also, when the Sonics come back they will instantly become our #2 rivals (The OKC Not Sonics will forever be #1). 


Photo by Isaiah J. Downing | Courtesy of USA Today

Why you should: Denver is a lot like Seattle, in that weed is legal there and we both have good football teams I guess?  Their rainbow throwback jerseys are amazing. Kenneth Faried's nickname is "The Manimal."  

Why you shouldn't: 1994. NEVER FORGET


Photo by Isaiah J. Downing | Courtesy of USA Today

Why you should- Mark Cuban is one of only two NBA owners to vote against the Oklahoma City relocation. Dirk Novitzki is hilarous. He is also the second best German ever to play in the NBA. You know who #1 is? YEAH YOU DO

Why you shouldn't: Dirk's career is winding down which means they will have to rebuild soon, plus they aren't going to beat San Antonio or Golden State before he goes. 


Photo by Soobum Im | Courtesy USA Today

Why you should: They play really good basketball! Kawhi Leonard is probably the best player in basketball that no one talks about enough. Gregg Popovic doesn't play, and gives the best in-game interviews ever. Jonathon Simmons is the best story in the NBA. They could win the NBA championship

Why you shouldn't: The Spurs knocked out the Sonics in what would be their last playoff appearance. Also, if you go to Real GM to get Sonics historical stats, it also shows OKC ones. I am now furious.  


Photo by Kyle Terada | Courtesy USA Today

Why you should: They are the best team in basketball!  They have the Splash Brothers!  They are bringing jumpers back!  Half of you reading this are probably originally from the Bay area! Also, they freed Kevin Durant from the Not Sonics, which means we can cheer for him again! This is great for a couple of reasons. For one thing, he was a Sonic and still loves Seattle. Also, he's pretty damn good. 

Why you shouldn't: You will rightfully be labeled a bandwagon fan. Draymond Green spends a lot of time kicking opponents in the pee pee. Hard to root for a guy like that


Photo by Jeff Hanisch | Courtesy USA Today

Why you should: First off, the Bucks were VERY close to becoming the Sonics. You guys, Giannis Antetokounmpo a.k.a. The Greek Freak is the BEST!  His backstory is even crazier than the size of his hands. (Seriously, look at these things)!  The Bucks are playing him at PG this year.  He is 6'11" and still growing!!!!!  Let that sink in real quick. They have tons of Sonics ties (George Karl, Gary Payton, Ray Allen). They are young and fun. Plus they are in the Eastern Conference, which means you can still support them even after the Sonics come back....until they meet in the NBA Finals, of course.

Why you shouldn't: Historically, the Bucks underachieve. 

So, who you got?

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