8 Spots to prefunk before a show at KeyArena

November 30, 2017

If you're going to make the trip over to KeyArena for a show, it's really time for you to get those tickets and start planning the proper pre- and post-funk activities. Let me help you with that! Here are my favorite spots to hit before and after a show at Key Arena. 

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Dick's Drive-In
500 Queen Anne Ave N

Clearly the #1 choice for post-Deck the Hall Ball grub. Cheap, fast, and a Seattle institution! 

Eat this - Dick's Deluxe and fries, extra side of tartar sauce

Taylor Shellfish
124 Republican

Right across the street from Key, making it the perfect spot to take your boo boo for some pre-DTHB oysters!

Eat this - half dozen oysters and Dungeness crab

Big Mario's
815 5th St.

With all due respect to the various fantastic pizza places in Seattle, no one serves a better slice than Big Mario's.  Have a seat in the bar area, grab a slice and a brew, and enjoy the always incredible soundtrack playing over the loudspeakers.

Eat and drink this - two slices pepperoni and a tall glass of Manny's 

The 5 Point Cafe
415 Cedar St. 

I have a rule when it comes to grabbing a drink at The 5 Point, and that rule is "whenever you are in range of the 5 Point, you should definitely grab a bev there."  A perfect place to start OR end your DTHB night.  

**bonus note** This is where I tell all the bands to grab a drink after the show if they are looking to hang out. Jussayin.

Drink this - Jameson and ginger ale.

232 1st Ave

A lot of sports bars are a little too college bro-ish amirite? Well, not Buckley's. It's like a standard pub but with a bunch of TVs. PERFECT.

Eat this - cheese curds for the table (pour honey on them, for real!) and a reuben for yourself. 

MOD Pizza
305 Harrison St

If a greasy slice of pie isn't your thing, first of all, you are crazy. Second of all, that's cool because you can grab an individual pie from MOD Pizza.

Eat this - The Mad Dog

Queen Anne Beer Hall
203 W Thomas

Huge selection of local and imported beers. Huge selection of sausages and other snacks. What more do you need?

Eat and Drink this - Kielbasa and a soft pretzel. Wash it down with something imported....maybe the only time I'll suggest this in Seattle. 

Mecca Cafe and Bar
526 Queen Anne Ave

GIGANTIC breakfasts served all day, plus the place has juuuust the right amount of grime to make it the perfect greasy spoon spot. 

Eat and Drink this - corn beef hash, shot of whiskey

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