Come eat some ice cream with us!

July 12, 2016

YOU GUYS! Its National Ice Cream Week, the most delicious week of the year (at least until the invent National Pizza and Ice Cream and French Fry and Taco and Beer Week).  

Of course, this year's holiday is even more exciting because not only are we celebrating ice cream, but we are also celebrating The End AND YouthCare. Here's the scoop (see what I did there)??

Stop by Full Tilt Ice Cream in Ballard this Thursday from noon-1p to hang out with Gregr and grab a scoop or pint of the Chocolate to End All Chocolates OR stop by the Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center on Sunday from noon-1p to get a scoop from me! The best part, is that a scoop of our ice cream is only going to cost $1.77! 

Look, you're going to be running around collecting Pokemon all weekend and you're totally going to build up an appetite.  When that happens, take a break, come have a scoop with Gregr or myself, and tell us where the heck you found that Eevee.  Happy hunting, hope to see you this Sunday! 

Where can you find Full Tilt Ice Cream and The Chocolate To End All Chocolates?