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The Coolest New Stuff Amazon Announced Today

September 27, 2017

Tech giant, grocery store owner, and eater of cities (JK I am totally ok with my skyrocketing rent and your campus creeping juuuust a little bit closer to my front door every day. Totally ok.), Amazon held an event today and announced a ton of awesome new toys!  

Check some of my favorites below, as we celebrate never having to use our hands for anything again!  Well...maybe to pick our noses.  Alexa! Pick my nose! <nothing happens>  Dang. 

Back in the old days, people's alarm clocks did two things, told time and woke you up with either the radio or the most annoying beeping sound of all time. They were simpler times. The Echo Spot changes the game, as its an alarm clock that basically does everything you need in the morning, short of brushing your teeth for you....yet. It will give you the news, allow you to watch videos, and of course, listen to Gregr in the morning.  If it yells "no more snoozing, get up you lazy bastard" it will be PERFECT.

It's smaller than the original and cheaper too!  It also comes with different skins so yourcurtainss can match your drapes....err... Echo. Bonus - they also improved the sound quality, so listening to and Endsession with Portugal. The Man on The End will sound just like you are in the room! 

Fire sticks have also gotten an upgrade and is now 40 percent more powerful than the original.  Hey, if you order one now you can even get two free months of Hulu, which has EVERY episode of Seinfeld.  You know, THE GREATEST COMEDY SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF COMEDY SHOWS.

Amazon also introduced Echo Buttons, an enhanced Echo, Echo Connect, and more. You can even pre-order some of them right now! RIGHT HERE. So, which one are you going to get?  Spot for sure, right?

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